• Two individual carp fishing lakes EXCLUSIVE TO YOU

     what better way to share your fishing holiday than with your friends and family

  • The Lodge Lake

    Stunning 4 acre lake, visit the Lodge Page for more info

  • The Cabin Lake

    Peace & tranquillity, check out the Cabin page for more info

  • Stunning Carp

    Tons of great looking fish

  • Huge head of Carp along with Catfish, Sturgeon, Tench, Pike,

    and there's lots of them that promise to keep your buzzers screaming

  • Fantastic Atmosphere - Guaranteed!!!

    Have a laugh, a beer or three, plus nights out at the local restaurant if you wish

  • Rods at the Ready

    Lodges Lakes is the ultimate fishing venue

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Carp Fishing Lakes France

  • Welcome to Lodge Lakes, our TWO individual carp fishing lakes are situated approximately 10 minutes apart from each other in the idyllic Limousin countryside
  • THE LODGE LAKE - Superb 4 acre lake
  • THE CABIN LAKE - 2 Stunning lakes of 1.5 acres & 0.5 acres
  • Both are EXCLUSIVE TO YOU...there's no better way to share your fishing holiday exclusively with your friends and family
  • Clean & Comfortable accommodation at both lakes
  • Expert help and advice on hand if you want it, It's your holiday - Your needs catered for