WEEK COMMENCING: 15th April 2017




Sunday: Mirrors: 28.6lb, 24lb
Monday: Mirrors: 20lb
Tuesday: Mirrors: 30.4lb, 26lb, 24lb, 25lb, 17lb, 13lb
Wednesday: Mirrors: 12lb
Thursday: Mirrors: 28.4lb, 25.5lb, 11lb
Friday: Mirrors: 31lb, 21.6lb

BIGGEST FISH: 31lb Mirror

Ryan at the cabin 083554_120332000278334575_888002725_o


Excellent weather during the day freezing at the night. So only night fished once. Kerry and Gary have been amazing sorting out a mechanic for our car after brakes failing on way here. Found all fish came out on 2x10mm boilies. Son loved fishing stock lake caught some big fish for him out of it.

Thank you for our stay will definitely be booking again very very soon. 🙂


Ryan at the cabin 015761_120332000304662745_1384136614_o Ryan at the cabin 015934_120332000290919998_326855065_o Ryan at the cabin 015949_120332000293064451_2089655515_o Ryan at the cabin 052750_120332000308170058_1132269477_n Ryan at the cabin 053107_120332000294445082_192037771_o Ryan at the cabin 053288_120332000328793598_932Ryan at the cabin 5920_o Ryan at the cabin 053381_120332000300409981_809044847_o Ryan at the cabin 072575_120332000308646460_1382277752_n Ryan at the cabin 083554_120332000278334575_888002725_o Ryan at the cabin 083617_120332000314308163_2075519598_o Ryan at the cabin 083647_120332000317601Ryan at the cabin 5_1030004268_o Ryan at the cabin 090630_120332000344316822_1251107_o Ryan at the cabin 090644_120332000313230661_205904972_o Ryan at the cabin 090802_120332000289Ryan at the cabin 0008_134073667_o

Ryan at the cabin 053Ryan at the cabin 5_120332000296050665_1027422515_o