WEEK COMMENCING: 22nd April 2017
MEMBERS: Josh, Ollie, Greg
Fish Caught 20 = 408lbs, Biggest 36lb Mirror
3x 30lb+, 5x 20lb+, 12x -20lb
Fish Caught 35 = 880lbs, Biggest 38.5lb Mirror
Mirrors: 38.5lb, 37lb, 35lb, 33lb, 31.25lb, 31lb, 30.75lb, 30.25lb, 2x 29.75lb, 29lb, 28.5lb, 28.25lb, 2x 27.5lb, 2x 27lb, 26.5lb, 25.5lb, 24.75lb, 24.5lb, 23.5lb, 22.5lb, 22lb, 21lb, 20.25lb, 20lb, 19.5lb, 19lb, 18.5lb, 18.25lb, 16.4lb, 13lb, 12lb, 11.5lb
Fish Caught 3 = 79lb15oz
Mirrors: 29.01lb, 28.10lb, 22.04lb
Jollieggs5848 copy
BIGGEST FISH: 38.5lb Mirror
Josh: “Pukka week as always at the Lodge, can’t wait to be back next year, thank you to Gary who has been a great host as usual. Shame he’s got no better at pool. C you next year ! Love this place !!”
Ollie: “Fantastic week @ the Lodge. Gary/Kerry were brilliant hosts as usual. Weather was all over the place but still managed a good few fish including 8 30’s oh and managed to loose the Big CAT!!”
Greg: “Enjoyed week a great deal, despite not catching”
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