WEEK COMMENCING: 22nd April 2017
MEMBERS: Dave, Karen, Bex & Molly
TOTAL FISH: 37 (plus 32 from the small lake)
Saturday: Hot Day
Mirrors: 13lb
Sunday: Hot Day
Mirrors: 27.5lb, 20lb
Common: 16lb
Mirrors: 27.5lb, 22lb, 2x 10lb
Commons: 10lb, 4lb
Sturgeon: 37.5lb
Monday: Hotter Day
Dave: Mirror: 24.5lb, 24lb, 2x 23.5lb
Becky: Mirror: 19.5
Karen: Mirror: 25.5lb, 12lb
Molly: Mirror: 16.5lb
Tuesday: Heavy Rain (only fished for a couple of hours)
Karen: Mirror: 22lb
Wednesday: Heavy Rain
Karen: Mirror: 24.5lb, 23lb Common: 29lb, 12lb
Dave: Mirror: 16lb, 12lb
Thursday: Only fished 2 hours of big lake none caught 🙁
Dave: Mirror: 26.5lb, 22lb Sturgeon: 37.5lb
Karen: Mirror: 27.5lb, 2x 23lb, 2x 22lb, 20.5lb, 12lb
Massive thanks to Gary and Kerry for everything, they were extremely welcoming and helpful throughout our stay! Learned alot whilst here – Gary taught us new tricks and helped to improve our skills!
He recommended a great restaurant to us!
Enjoyed meeting the whole family especially little Yves 🙂
We all caught loads of fish – even the partners, who weren’t going to fish caught loads of fish, Dave & Karen caught PB’s 😀 We’ve picked up alot of the language too! 😀
We’ve all had the best week away and will defo be returning! Thanks so much Gary and Kerry.
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