Received pellets Sunday morning – so started with pop-ups – 11am Steve hooked Syd who did a tour of lake diving under the bar by the colvent – Bye, Bye Syd!
Fed heavy our spots – nearly a sack of pellets used Sunday – Both Blanked – Rods in 7pm went to Rest’ for dinner.
Our Week: We had cold winds, pressure change, rain storms, really hot, strong wind, changed direction brought thunder & rain. Fished days only 7am to 7pm on Mon & Tues, from 7am to 11pm from Wed on. Fish Activity on left side of lake, we found a true hot spot also some bad snags too! We both hook & lost Syd before I had him @ 36lb 4oz.

Mirrors: 28lb, 26lb, 24lb, 21lb, 20lb

Grass Carp: 26lb
Mirrors: 27lb, 12lb, 8.8lb
Sturgeon: 36.4lb
The Preston Family aka “The Boswells” had the pleasure of fishing the Cabin lake 6th – 13th May.  Our goal was always to have a family break with Fishing and that’s exactly what we got.  The Fishing was very tough I guess due to being newbies to the lake and unpredictable weather (Sunny one min, raining the next with storms on horizon).  We kept plugging away and in the end managed to bag 10 fish between us.

We mainly fished mornings and evenings with Lunches out at restaurants.  The youngest member of the Preston family Oscar had a great time running around and playing in the woods, he even managed to catch his first ever fish, 7 in total (couple of nice little carp and roach).  One comedy highlight was when Father and Son attempted to both get into the boat to row out to a snagged fish, this resulted in 1 capsized boat, 2 very wet fisherman and one toddler crying (thought we were drowning) unfortunately this was not filmed.

We would like to thank Gary and Kerry for everything and we will definitely be back


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