WEEK COMMENCING: 1st July – 15th July 2017 (2 weeks stay)
MEMBERS: Simon and Johanna
Saturday: only fished for 2 hours + baited areas – no catches
Sunday: Koi + Common – 13lb
Monday: 26lb Mirror, 36lb Sturgeon
Tuesday: Mirrors: 19lb, 16lb 15oz, 10lb (Stalking)
Wednesday: Mirrors: 32lb, 28lb, 21lb, 16 1/4lb, 16lb
Thursday: Mirrors: 30lb, 27 1/2lb, 10lb
Friday: no catches
Saturday: Mirrors: 19 1/4lb, 17lb
Sunday: Mirrors: 21 1/2 lb, 21lb, 2x 10lb (all caught during very heavy rain & thunderstorm!) and 32lb Catfish
Monday: Mirrors: 29lb, 22 1/2lb, 22 1/4lb, and 14 3/4lb Common
Tuesday: Mirrors: 29 1/2lb, 18lb, and 36lb Sturgeon
Wednesday: 14lb 12oz Mirror
Thursday: 21 1/2lb Mirror, 25lb Grass Carp, 16lb Common, 32lb Catfish
Friday: Didn’t fish all day
A wonderful 2 weeks which we would love to repeat next year. Simon has thoroughly enjoyed fishing and we have both loved relaxing, strolling into the village and having a beer/lunch at the local bar and practicing our French!
Thank you Gary, Kerry & gorgeous children for a wonderful, welcoming stay.
Hope to see you next year 🙂
Simon&Jo Simon&Jo0 Simon&Jo1 Simon&Jo2 Simon&Jo3 Simon&Jo4 Simon&Jo5 Simon&Jo6 Simon&Jo7 Simon&Jo8 Simon&Jo9 Simon&Jo10 Simon&Jo11 Simon&Jo12 Simon&Jo13 Simon&Jo14 Simon&Jo15 Simon&Jo16 Simon&Jo17 Simon&Jo18 Simon&Jo19 Simon&Jo21 Simon&Jo22 Simon&Jo23 Simon&Jo24 Simon&Jo25 Simon&Jo26 Simon&Jo27 Simon&Jo30 Simon&Jo31 Simon&Jo120