WEEK COMMENCING: 29th July 2017
MEMBERS: Joe, Phil, Paul, Emily, Charlie
Joe: (fished days and nights)
Mirrors: 33lb, 2x 32lb, 29lb, 27lb, 2x 26lb, 25lb, 24lb, 23lb, 22lb, 20lb, 18lb, 13lb, 2x 7lb
Common: 12lb
Ghosty: 4lb
Sturgeon: 35lb
Catfish: 50lb
Phil: (fished some days)
Mirrors: 26lb, 22lb
Koi: 14lb
Paul:(fished for catfish)
Mirrors: 22lb
Emily: (fished days and nights)
Mirrors: 28lb, 2x 26lb, 24lb, 18lb,
Koi: 8.5lb
Charley:(fished some days with 1 rod)
Mirror: 24lb
Gr8 weeks fishing, 703lbs worth of fish caught. The last 2 days produced almost 20 fish ! 30 fish overall after we found where he fish fed. Also caught 5-6 fish on bread in the shallow end of the pool. Mainly caught on boilie but a few were on the nuggets we left on the table. We figured that re-casting every 2-3 hrs because tiny fish and crayfish mauled our baits.
Thanks Gary and Kerry for another fab week. Weather pretty good, the fishing has been great, the kids have loved it.
Awaiting Photos