WEEK COMMENCING: 5th August 2017
MEMBERS: James, Mark, Ryan, Alex (aged 10)
James: 22 fish, overall weight= 519.5lb
Mirrors: 34.12lb, 31.8lb, 29lb, 28.12lb, 2x 28lb, 2x 25.8lb, 2x 25lb, 24.8lb, 23.8lb, 22lb, 2x 21.12lb, 21.8lb, 21lb, 20.8lb, 19lb, 18lb, 12.12lb, 12lb,
Mark: 24 fish, overall weight = 500lb
Mirrors: 31.8lb, 30lb, 28lb, 27.14lb, 26lb, 25lb, 24lb, 2x 23lb, 22.4lb, 2x 22lb, 21.12lb, 21lb, 20.8lb, 20.4lb, 3x 20lb, 19lb, 11lb,
Koi: 7.8lb
Sturgeon: 32lb
Common: 14.8lb
Ryan: aged15. 7 fish, overall weight = 190lb
Mirrors: 35.4lb, 33lb, 30.12lb, 28lb, 24.8lb, 21.4lb, 17.8lb,
Alex (on the little lake): 7lb12oz, 7lb2oz, 6lb, 5lb, 4lb8oz, 2lb
Thanks Gary, great week of fishing, caught lots of big fish. Found the bay to be the most productive, with the largest fish coming out of it. Had some trouble with boilies being nibbled by a nuisance in the lake. Meaning we had to recast more often and use artificial bait to combat this.
Thank very much ! 🙂
Awaiting Photos