WEEK COMMENCING: 16th September 2017
MEMBERS: Steve, Ricky, Jamie, Chelsea & the bump!
TOTAL WEIGHT: 1705lb 2oz
Steve: 19 Fish, total: 462lb 8oz. Days only.
Mirrors: 35.12lb, 32.12lb, 25.12lb, 4x 25.8lb, 24.4lb, 2x 24lb, 23.12lb, 23.4lb, 22.12lb, 21.12lb, 20.12lb, 20lb, 2x 15lb
Ricky: 31 Fish, total: 558lb. Days only.
Mirrors: 29lb, 2x 24lb, 23.8lb, 2x 23lb, 21.12lb, 21.8lb, 3x 20lb, 2x 19lb, 18.8lb, 18lb, 17.8lb, 16.8lb, 16lb, 14.4lb, 11lb
Commons: 16.8lb, 8.8lb
Koi: 14.8lb, 11lb, 9.12lb, 9lb, 7.8lb, 7.4lb
Sturgeon: 3x 32lb
Jamie: 34 Fish, total: 684lb 10oz. Days only.
Mirrors: 35lb, 31.8lb, 2x 31lb, 27lb, 2x 26lb, 25.12lb, 24.4lb, 24lb, 2x 23lb, 22.8lb, 22lb, 2x 21lb, 20.8lb, 20lb, 17lb, 16.8lb, 16lb, 3x 13.8lb, 11lb, 10lb, 9lb
Commons: 32.2lb, 20lb, 2x 16lb, 13.4lb
Koi: 9lb, 3.12lb
Well what can I say!! 1st time fishing in France and it has blown us away. Fantastic lake full of hard fighting fish. The cabin is perfect for a family holiday and has everything you could need. Will definitely be back.
Thanks for  great trip!!
p.s. The lake was warmer than the pool…lol
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