Top Quality Bait, Rest Assured..

All our bait is specifically made for us to our own specifications by a top quality producer of carp baits who are renowned for creating big catches.

The health of our fish is our top priority so we have chosen bait that has all the right nutrients and ingredients and with this in mind we do not allow any other outside bait to be brought on-site.

Lodge Lakes


Deal 1:

  • 4kg of Boilies* 

  • 1kg Lodge Lakes Stick Mix

  • 1 Tub of Washed Out Pop-Ups

  • 1 Jar of dip 

* Choice of 3 flavours (Rum & Raspberry, Natural Pellet, Monster Pear)


Deal 2:

  • 25kg Sack of Pellet

  • 4kg of Boilies* 

  • 1kg Lodge Lakes Stick Mix

  • 1 Tub of Washed Out Pop-Ups

  • 1 Jar of dip

  • Free 5kg Boilie Air Dry Bag 

* Choice of 3 flavours (Rum & Raspberry, Natural Pellet, Monster Pear)


Boilies, Pop-Ups & Glug

Our Boilies are made with the best quality ingredients on the market and are available in 3 enticing flavours. They are a mix of 14mm and 18mm and sold in 4 kg bags.

Red Rum & Raspberry:  It’s back, the original rum&raspberry boilies from 20 years ago ! A blend of fishmeal, bird food & carbohydrates flavoured with an intoxicating mix of rum and sweet raspberry. This bait just keeps producing the goods any time of the year.

Paired with a Washed out Pink Rum & Raspberry Pop-Up and glug !

Monster Pear: Deep yellow bird food base with a mid protein mix of carbohydrates to produce a very digestible boilie flavoured with our own pear on an acetate base that gives a very potent taste & smell !..Highly attractive for all year usage.

Paired with a Fluro Yellow Pear Drop Pop-Up and glug !

Natural Pellet: This boilie contains no less than 25% pellet meal that is milled in house, the remainder is made up of carbohydrates and vegetable proteins. This boilie also contains micro pellet for that added crunch! Its irresistible to carp and also very digestible to keep feeding them.

Paired with a Washed out White Pop-Up and glug !

4kg Boilies: bag 45€, Pop-ups: 7€ per pot, Glug: 7€ per bottle

edited rum boilie
edite boilie pear
edit boilie pellet
edited pink rum
edited fluro pear
edited white natural

Stick Mix, Pellet & Nuggets

Lodge Lakes stick mix that is made up of various milled products including a carp pellet and a mixture of crumb with a subtle fruity aroma once the mix is dampened:

10€ 1kg bag

Lodge Lakes Intensive Pellet:

65€ per 25kg Sack

Lodge Lakes Carp Nugget 25mm, (What they use on the Ebro!) Great for Carp and Cats. This is not halibut:

25mm Nuggets 15€ per 2kg

Multi Pellet: 20€ per 4kg

Please Note that all prices are subject to change.

  • Brilliant place, Gary couldn't do enough for us. Top fishing, we all broke our PB's..Defo come back.

    Manchester MastaBaiters

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