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Lodge Lake

The Lodge Lake is a stunning 4 acre Carp and Catfish lake set within 7 acres of dazzling rural France and is 100% exclusive to you and your party.

The Lodge Lake is what you would describe as a great action water, with catches of 100+ fish in a week not un heard of, in fact, Lodge lake contains 350 stunning fish, Carp up to 50lb, Catfish up to 100lb, Sturgeon up to 35lb, Koi up to 25lb, along with Tench, Pike, Roach and Rudd.

If a stunning lake full of big hard fighting fish is not enough there is also a gorgeous and very comfortable lakeside lodge with 3 twin bedrooms and all the amenities you want and need, and it is right on the waters edge!

The lake is fed from an inlet and is 12 feet deep at it’s deepest point with many features including gravel bars & plateaux, shallow bays & a small island.

Lodge Lake is a stunning, mature 4 acre lake near Limoges in the Limousin area of France.

Stocked with over 350 fish including Carp up to 50lbs, Koi up to 25lbs and Catfish over 100lbs.

We have created a perfectly balanced fishery that offers phenomenal action for big, healthy Carp and Cats.

Our fish are extremely healthy, powerful and full of energy.

Lodge Lake gets its name from the gorgeous waterside lodge.

With 3 bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen, lounge with English TV, large waterside terrace, pool table, darts board and BBQ the Lodge is perfect for a comfortable break for you, your mates or family.

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